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Panram International Corporation.

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Electronic Manufacturing Services

In addition to providing original design manufacturing (ODM) and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) services, panram Technologies also provides customers with product design, raw material procurement, logistics, transportation, product testing, and maintenance services, integrating manufacturing processes, professional management skills, and global transportation services to help customers respond quickly to market demands.

By establishing long-term, close strategic alliances with suppliers and integrating their resources and competitive advantages to jointly develop markets, expand market demand and share, and reduce input costs in the product development stage, Panram International Corporation. is committed to upstream and downstream integration to achieve a win-win business management model.
By providing stable and reliable manufacturing technologies, panram maintains good relationships with customers, keeps track of market dynamics, and provides feedback to suppliers on industry information, inventory, sales volume, and competitive product business conditions in order to adjust inventory in a timely manner.

Panram International Corporation. provides customers with the services and support they need at different stages of product development in a timely manner.

Engineer Verification Test
  • Project schedule control
  • Main supplier search
  • Physical appearance design, schematic and PCB layout (Subcontractor)
  • Test engineering development
  • Sample run
Design Verification Test
  • Product verification
  • Reliability Test
  • Compliance to CE/FCC/RoHS and others
  • Packing Design
  • DFM report
Production Verification Test
  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • Production plan
  • Optimization:SMT/DIP
  • Analysis report:testing, assembly, packaging
Mass Production
  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • ECO/ECN management
  • Stock management
  • Yield management
  • EOL and RMA management

Panram International Corporation. focuses on “innovation in manufacturing systems”, utilizing whole product lifecycle thinking, new value propositions, operational models, internal and external organizational processes, and manpower training to create maximum value and minimize physical costs.
The scope of service includes: pre-production stage, production stage, and post-production stage.

Service Scope Description

  • Pre-manufacturing stage: We provide customized service design and participate in customer’s production process activities.
  • Manufacturing stage: Provide Provide services required by customers during the manufacturing process, including assisting customers in managing inventory and storage systems.
  • Post-manufacturing stage: We provide services such as remanufacturing and maintenance, which not only continue to deepen customer relationships, but also add new business contents and increase revenue.
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