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Panram International Corporation.

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Founded in 1994, Panram International Corporation. provides customized design, OEM and ODM services to meet customers’ needs with its strong R&D technology and solid manufacturing capabilities.

In terms of production facilities, we currently have 19 SMT lines and self-developed automatic assembly and testing equipment, and have built an intelligent manufacturing system. In addition to the design and manufacture of memory modules and flash memory related products, panram has expanded its electronic manufacturing services to include mechanical keyboards, display cards, medical and aesthetic electronics, industrial control memory modules, touch control panels and card readers.

In terms of manufacturing processes and capabilities, panram provides hardware design, mold development, DIP, SMT, IC testing and sorting, laser soldering, spot soldering, laser engraving, and global transportation services

With the efforts of our excellent R&D, manufacturing and quality control team, Panram International Corporation. has been certified by ISO9001. DDR memory modules are certified by Intel, and the quality of our products is internationally renowned.

  • 2021
  •  Implement of one more fully automated ultra High Speed SMT Line
  • 2020
  •  SGS ANSI/ESD S20.20 certification for ESD protection
     ISO 45001 Certificate
  • 2019
  •  Q1-Implement of two more fully automated ultra High Speed SMT Lines
     Q2-Awarded Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Silver Label
  • 2018
  •  Expanding manufacture site 2
     Increase production capacity
  • 2017
  •  Implement of one more fully automated ultra High Speed SMT line
  • 2016
  •  Implement of one more fully automated ultra High Speed SMT Line
  • 2015
  •  Ranked as top 500 Excellent Taiwan Exporters and Importers from 2010 to 2015
     Assessed as “Excellent Bonded Factory” by Directorate General of Custom from 2012 to 2015
     Become MFi Manufacturing Licensee
     Start-up IPC Business Unit
  • 2013
  •  Awarded the Project of Subsidies & Incentives For Taipei Industry – DRAM module laser plan and AOI improvement
  • 2012
  •  Implement of one more fully automated ultra High Speed SMT Line
  • 2010
  •  Awarded by teh Council of Labor Affairs “The Job Creation Contribution Award, 2010”
  • 2008
  •  Upgraded SMT Lines to ultra High Speed Grade
  • 2006
  •  ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001 Certificates
  • 2005
  •  ISO 9001 Certificate
  • 2004
  •  The ground breaking of Panram Factory
  • 2003
  •  Officially Registered in Emerging market Stock Code:8088
     Mr. Leo Hsieh won the Taiwan Young Entrepreneur Awards
  • 2001
  •  The best distributor of 2000~2001 awarded by Nanya Technology
    • 1994
    •  Company Established

    Our innovation and our commitment to quality are well known and recognized. We are committed to industrial grade data storage products and are actively exploring global markets, and continue to create high quality, top-notch products.

    In compliance with the Quality Policy and the Occupational Safety, Health and Health and Environmental Policy, we are implementing the following objectives: to reduce the potential operational impact of disasters in the face of global climate change, to work on the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, and to require and assist suppliers to purchase raw materials from non-conflict mining areas and to sign a declaration of conflict-free mining.

     Implementation of pollution emission and safety and health management

    We ensure that all pollutant emissions, chemical use, and safety management of the operating environment comply with governmental environmental protection and safety and health related laws and requirements.

     Implementation of process management

    To ensure that all energy resources, environmental impacts, and safety and health risks are controlled in accordance with the company's process control standards, and are regularly reviewed for improvement.

     Implementation of pollution source management

    Ensure that all environmental resources used and all pollution emissions are continuously reviewed and improved.

     Implementing hazard prevention and risk management

    To establish a safety culture so that employees can develop safety and health habits, prevent occupational diseases, and improve overall safety and health performance.

     Effective use of resources

    Through education and training, promotion and communication, we continue to educate employees and related workers on environmental protection and safety and health, so that employees and related workers can understand the impact of any changes in their work on the environment and safety and health, and let customers and suppliers understand our environmental safety and health management policy, which can be made public to the outside world.

     Continuous Improvement

    To establish safety and health and environmental objectives and targets for long-term follow-up and continuous improvement.

     Respect for life

    In addition to employees and related workers, we also aim at customers, neighboring residents, and factory owners, etc., not to expose their lives to high risks due to the failure of environmental and safety factors in the factory.

    As the company continues to grow in size, we are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by increasing electricity savings. panram Technologies has set a target of 5% annual electricity saving ratio (electricity saving / electricity consumption).
    Greenhouse Gas Emission Area I & II
    Greenhouse gas emissions from panram Technology’s energy resources include purchased electricity, production equipment, air conditioning systems (cooling water towers, chilled water mainframes), etc. The main sources of emissions are The main source of emission is the purchased electricity in Area 2, which accounts for 95.71% of the total. In the future, the greenhouse gas emissions will be continuously examined to grasp the impact on the environment.
    panram Technologies is committed to conducting detailed investigations to ensure that the sources of metals such as gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), cobalt (Co) and tin (Sn) are consistent with the OECD guidelines for responsible supply chains for ores in high risk areas or equivalent and recognized due diligence frameworks.

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