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Panram Launches Latest Industrial Grade Solid State Drives and Full Range of I/O Solutions
Intensive Development in Industrial Control Field

With the rapid changes in technology, the start of edge computing and 5G, various technology products need to be equipped with higher and higher hardware specifications. Panram's intensive development in the field of industrial control, through close contact with customers to understand the future trend of the market, to achieve a mutual growth model, so that Panram can accurately grasp the market demand, and then produce suitable solutions.

In 2019, Panram will introduce industrial grade 3D NAND FLASH with P/E cycle erasure up to 3K times and industrial grade operating temperature from -40°C to 85°C, which makes up for the deficiencies of the original 3D TLC SSDs that are difficult to enter the industrial control market. The capacity is 120GB~960GB, and the speed can reach up to R:3200MB/s and W:2500MB/s.

In the field of industrial control, SSD products with sufficient life and high stability are what users are looking for. SLC Flash, which best meets this demand, is relatively expensive, while MLC Flash is cheaper but has much less life.

In 2019, Panram is celebrating its 25th anniversary. By understanding the needs of customers, Panram's long-time customers proposed I/O products to Panram in 2018, which made Panram start to explore the field of I/O products, and many customers actively inquired about them as soon as they were launched, such as M.2 to 4 Port RS232, M.2 1 to 2 The products such as M.2 to 4 Port RS232, M.2 1 to 2 Port, PCIe to 4 Port mini PCIe with sim card, etc., allow industrial control customers to use adapter boards to do the transfer when they cannot replace the motherboard or when it is not easy to replace the old one, which can save the high cost of replacement for customers. Panram is also optimistic that it will be able to meet customers' needs by combining SSDs and I/O adapters in the future.

In 2019, Panram will introduce anti-sulfuration in the industrial control field to enable customers' products to operate normally in harsh environments and improve stability.

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