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Awarded Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Silver Label
Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Silver Label Certification

In April 2019, Panram Technology Co., Ltd. successfully completed the VAP audit process of RBA (Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct) and received Silver Label certification.

RBA (Responsible Business Alliance), formerly known as EICC (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition), was formed by Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Sony and other major electronics companies to set industry standards and publish a code of conduct for social, environmental and ethical issues in the supply chain of the electronics industry. To date, RBA consists of more than 110 companies to promote supply chain re-enhancement, provide better working conditions, protect employees' rights, enhance environmental protection and integrity of business activities.

Panram Technologies implements corporate social responsibility by passing the five major items of the RBA Code of Conduct: Labor, Health and Safety, Environment, Ethics, and Management System, and has been awarded the honor of RBA Sliver Label Silver Certification, which allows employees to work in a reasonable environment and ensures the quality of their work, as well as attentively protecting the environment and safeguarding public health and safety.

With the increasing emphasis on corporate social responsibility worldwide, Panram's RBA Silver certification will be beneficial to many major electronics companies, especially for RBA members, whose suppliers must be approved by the RBA Alliance, and Panram can use this advantage to introduce its products to many international electronics companies.

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